Champions Train With Knowledge

Hockey specific training programs are not enough. With RBR you find exactly what you need to work on to be the best athlete possible.

The theory of 10,000 hours states that to become a master of anything you need to put in 10,000 hours of training and practice. Do you have that much time?

By using RBR to identify exactly what you need to work on a huge chunk can be taken out of that time allowing you to reach excellence as fast as possible.

Unleash Your Full Potential

By bringing in RBR specialists and equipment to test your team you will be using the most advanced hockey testing system in the world.

Each individual players strengths and weaknesses are pinpointed through our specialized inForm Sports equipment so that training plans can be customized to their individual needs.

Perfect For All Levels

Race Battle Recover is used by everyone from minor hockey organizations to professional teams. Our system is designed to help any player improve their game no matter what level they are at.

Because of the wide variety of levels that we test at, players are not only able to see how they compare against their cohort but also against any level from Peewee to the NHL.

inForm Sports Training Systems

Race Battle Recover uses the amazing inForm Sport Training Systems testing equipment to find the most accurate and detailed data possible.

By using inForm technology we can easily gather important data that simply can’t be picked up from a standard fitness test.


Adam Hayduk

"We have used RBR testing in the BC Hockey High Performance programs, both at the U16 and the U17 levels with our top hockey players. RBR testing is able to break down an athlete's strengths and areas of required improvement on an individual basis. The high performance players can use this information to specialize their off-ice training to get the most out of their training and development.

RBR testing is also a great resource for coaches. It can gauge a player's development between tests and also provide valuable insight into which players are able recover the quickest. This allows the coach to know which players are physically able to be double shifted late in the game, for instance, and which players need extra time to recover so they can best perform when they're on the ice."

Adam Hayduk

Head Coach, WHL U16 Western Canada Challenge Cup
Assistant Coach, BCHL Alberni Valley Bulldogs

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